heater safety first

My partner usually takes his shower in the afternoon, but hilariously a couple mornings ago, he decided to take his shower at night, after a hard day of work. He was only in the bathroom for a second or two when I heard a yelp. He came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and shivering plus he told me that there wasn’t any overheated water. I kind of Softly laughed to myself, because I had told him earlier that same day that we didn’t have any overheated water. Before I had a chance to kindly remind him, he remembered the conversation. Then he remembered the exact reason he had gone to the basement a couple of hours ago and gotten dirty in the first place. Our boiler is our gas furnace, as well. It supplies that overheated water that Efficiently brings heat into the home. It also supplies us with overheated water for showers. If one wasn’t working, neither was the other. He told me that he had to go to the Hardware supply house the next day to get a new piece for our boiler. I knew that before he went to bed the next night, the water furnace would be perfectly fixed plus he would be able to get a overheated and relaxing shower. It took him multiple more trips to the store to be able to finally get all the parts to fix the boiler system. I was actually wondering if he entirely was going to have overheated water in time for his shower, but I told him if he didn’t get a shower, he also wasn’t going to get beneath our sheets either.


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