I don’t imagine we would have HVAC machines without God

I’ve regularly been a religious man.

I completely feel that everything every one of us has, every one of us wouldn’t have if it weren’t for God being there for us.

I suppose there are genuinely millions of people who would disagree with this belief, however, that doesn’t matter to me. You suppose every one of us would have all kinds of advanced technology like Heating plus Air Conditioning machines separate from God in our lives? Even if you don’t completely believe in God, that doesn’t change the fact that he is regularly there for us guiding us through our lives always. All this advanced technology makes it easier for people to do God’s work. All of us are able to communicate seamlessly with our friends plus family through our iphones plus kindles. All of us can all gather in comfortable places thanks to furnaces plus air conditioner machines. Can you imagine getting together in church separate from nice air quality plus a nice Heating plus Air Conditioning machine? Of course there are wicked people out there as well plus everybody will be judged accordingly. Not everybody uses technology for nice things plus I strongly feel that Satan is all over things like that. There are nuclear weapons plus all kinds of weapons people use to always fight in wars. These are wicked things, however at the same time every one of us need to be able to protect ourselves. Things have regularly been this way with war. Back then they used arrows, canons, plus swords. Today every one of us use smart bombs, drones, guns, plus even biological weapons. I genuinely don’t feel all that comfortable with where every one of us are headed with some of these destructive weapons, however at least every one of us have our heating plus cooling machines to be comfortable. I regularly pray for God to look out for us, protect us, plus keep us comfortable.