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Last year, it seemed to me that all we heard on the weather was global warming plus how obviously it was the reason we had such a severely overheated summer. Then Winter arrived. Winter was brutal and cold. Every one of us had over a foot of snow by the end of October plus the masses of cold plus snow continued right through March. Every one of us easily had below average temps that were generally multiple degrees lower than normal, on average, plus it lasted for five or sex months straight. One church was fatigued of plowing out their large parking lot plus they had, ‘What happened to global warming?’ cheekily on their kiosk. I had to laugh because they used to have there, ‘Come in, we have free heating.’. During the summer time they invite people in to the church because they have air conditioner.. Unfortunately, last winter, their Central gas furnace went out plus they couldn’t get it fixed. They were sadly begging for donations from the congregation plus they even eventually had a special gas furnace fund lunch at the local firehall. All they were charging for the event was $20 for all you could eat spaghetti plus meatballs. I personally called ahead of time plus I asked if I could go ahead and order twenty meals ahead of time. I took the meals to the local homeless shelter. After the event, the gas furnace was completely covered by the lunch proceeds. The very next month they had a sign that cheerily said, ‘Spaghetti is the road to a gas furnace.’.


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