wont do that again

The other day, our well meaning partner came upstairs plus he told me that we had bats in the house. This news kind of upset me because as much as I prefer bats in the wild, I don’t want them in our house. Bats belong outside eating all sorts of bugs plus not in our house dive bombing our head as we walk. I remember when I was a kid. Every one of us didn’t have proper air vents that went upstairs. All of the heating would go up the stairway plus straight into the upstairs plus the main area of the house would be extremely cold. Mom would put curtains up to the stairwell to keep the existing heat from going upstairs. The a single day, we were heading upstairs at night to get some clothing out for the next day. Mom couldn’t suddenly figure out where the hole in the curtain had come from. When she reached her hand out to touch the hole, it wasn’t a hole, but a bat plus it flew right at my head. That was when I first realized I didn’t prefer bats in my house plus I knew I never wanted them in our own home. When our partner told me there were bats in the basement, I panicked and knew we had to figure out where they were coming from. It turns out, when he was cleaning the flu for the gas furnace, he had left the flu open for about five seconds while he got his tools, but it was enough time for some bats to get into the house. He finished cleaning the flu plus tightly closed up the chimney.

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