Getting to work early rules

Let me tell you, I have been changing my daily schedule for the past couple of months and I am loving it.

Back when I was living with my ex, I had no choice but to follow his sleep schedule.

He literally wouldn’t allow me to go to bed earlier than him or to get out of bed before he was ready. Since he was a night owl and late sleeper, this really impacted my schedule. Naturally, I am more of an early riser. I like to get up with the sun and start my day as soon as I can. There is nothing as refreshing as looking at the clock and seeing that it’s 9 a.m., and you’ve already accomplished a lot with your day. These days, I’ve been waking up extremely early and getting to work as soon as I can. I love getting to the office before everyone else. Not only am I more productive, but I get to set the central thermostat controls before anyone else comes in and ruins my day. As the only woman in the office, I think that I am usually the coldest person there. My body temperature just isn’t as high as everyone else’s. They’re always complaining about how hot it is while I am presently thinking about how chilly I am. I try to be considerate with the thermostat and keep it low enough for everyone, but it’s at my own expense. I am often so cold that my fingers are numb at my desk. When I come in early in the morning, I can crank out the thermostat and get the heat that I need. Sometimes, I can even get through all of my work before the rest of the crew shows up and the thermostat has to decrease.
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