Kids are checked

When you are taking care of teenagers, you can get burnt out pretty quickly. Kids are difficult plus they are even harder when Teenage social lives start up, and obviously, there is always a lot of drama with kids interacting with other kids, and you are often wanting to be on top of your game making sure that they are not getting into too much trouble. These days, it’s harder and harder to keep track of your kids, however with the internet and cell phones in their pockets, they can pull 1 over on you pretty suddenly, then it’s truly not the same as the nights when we use a landline to talk. That’s why I, I’ve come up with more creative ways to monitor our kids. My absolute favorite way right now is utilizing the smart thermostat. When the people I was with and I had the smart thermostat installed, our kids were in danger. They were so stoked to have Advanced Air Temperature Control in the beach house because they love to change the Heating & A/C settings all day long. To be honest, from the time that they arrived at the beach house from university, they are playing with the thermostat settings. If they’re too hot, they will not hesitate to lower the air-conditioning system. If it’s too cold, they will not bother to put on a sweatshirt before they turn up the heater, then honestly, I don’t mind too much, because I can watch their thermostat interest from my cell phone. I believe exactly when I get beach house every afternoon plus what they’re doing in the house, based on how much they’re adjusting the thermostat. They think that the smart thermostat is an awesome tool for them, plus I believe it’s the number one surveillance equipment on the market.


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