I don’t think that this triathlon is going to happen

All of my friends want to do a triathlon together and I am alone in resisting it.

For one, you have to spend $45 in order to compete.

$45 bucks in order to do a horrible thing. It is amazing to me that so many people are willing to swim, bike or run for a cost. I believe like I should be paid to do something that terrible. There is a thing called the sprint triathlon that has pretty short distances though. I could do the sprint triathlon this week with no issue. All my friends are saying we have to do the regular one that you need to train for. Who wants to train for a workout? The distances you need to swim are .9 miles, then bike 25 miles and then run 6.2 miles. Unfortunately, you have to do it in that order as well. I can’t imagine hopping out of the water to then bike. Have you ever swum long distances before? My legs always believe totally dead after it. Then to bike for such a long while being wet would be just terrible. My butt would be so unhappy being on my tiny seat that long. Ending on the run would be the worst area though. It basically would be me walking and being depressed. How long do familiar triathlons take as well? I don’t want to be at it all afternoon long. I also am not a woman that can pee in the ocean. So does that mean I am possibly not peeing or consuming water or eating a meal? None of that really matters I guess. The plan of training to do something like that holds no appeal to me.


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