Watching workout videos for inspiration

My sibling and I both like to compete to see who can do her full toil outs too

My young sibling always sends me videos of the MMA fighter Connor Mcgregor toiling out. That is the best possible motivation for me. Watching Connor working out is like enjoying Picasso as he paints. It is so blatant that the dude is in peak physical condition and knows how to transport his body. The workouts are always very movement heavy. he contorts his body into some weird positions and holds the whole body weight. I try to do some of her toil outs, but I usually end up failing. I like watching the videos and trying them out though. I do a wide variety of crawling exercises and holding positions. The newest batch of videos all have gymnastics included in them. So now I have been rolling, doing cartwheels and handstands. The whole body is being utilized while doing this. Right now I fall more than I nail the trick, but I am enjoying it. I also like using Connor as motivation to keep toiling out and to do more. I always think to myself, would Connor quit? He most undoubtedly would not quit. I believe that I will no way ever be built like him. The dude works out all afternoon long and with a personal trainer. I am just some chick in her home office after work. But, I like getting toned up and trying something new. My sibling and I both like to compete to see who can do her full toil outs too. Typically neither of us can do that video however it is fun to try it out. I also get superb rock n roll from her videos too.



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