Friends were just using me for AC during repair

It’s been really nice to get back in touch with so many people in my life after a long period of isolating myself.

I tend to fall off the face of the Earth and disappear from people’s lives when I’m very busy.

It always brightens my day when someone reaches out to see how I’m doing and to make sure that we get back in touch. That’s what happened last week when out of the blue I heard from two of my very good friends. They were wondering how I had been and asked if they could stop by my house for the evening to visit. Of course, I gladly accepted their invitation to meet up and I began making my house clean and comfortable for them. I even went so far as to clean my air ducts and change out the air filter on my central heating and cooling system. It had been months since my HVAC equipment had proper maintenance or care. When my friends arrived, we enjoyed a wonderful evening hanging out in my air-conditioned home. The cooling system was particularly on my mind, because my friends kept mentioning how wonderful the high quality indoor air felt as it streamed through my air vents. I thought it was rather strange that they were so impressed with my central cooling system, but I chalked it up to my recent HVAC maintenance that I had performed. The next morning when my friends were driving home, I understood why they actually cared so much about the AC. They told me their own central cooling system had broken down and they were inspecting the HVAC technician to arrive later that day. I don’t think my friends cared about visiting me, so much as my cooling system.
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