Have to use AC at night, even when it’s freezing

Sleep has always been a very complicated process for me.

Even when I was a very small child, I was plagued with insomnia and difficult nights lying awake.That has only continued into my adulthood.

I’ve learned how to give myself the best chance of finding a full night of sleep, however. For instance, I should get off the phone at least an hour before I try to sleep. I should keep the room as dark as I possibly can. And I should have air conditioning blowing as close to my body as possible. You see, something about the sensation of ice cold air puts me right to sleep. If the indoor environment is warm or humid in any way, I’m not going to get a wink of rest. This can be extremely difficult in other people’s homes when they don’t want to operate their air conditioning system. I can understand their desire to save energy, and I don’t want to rack up expensive HVAC repair bills for them, either. Recently, this was a problem when I was staying at a friend’s house. The outdoor air temperature was already nice and cold that evening, but when I attempted to lay down to fall asleep I was unable to turn off my brain. Something was missing from the environment. I realized that I needed the sound of the AC in the background to lull me to sleep, on top of the cold air temperature. I didn’t want to cause any problems for my friend, but I really needed his air conditioning system so I could pass out. In the middle of the night I found myself desperately attempting to power on his AC window unit. In the morning, I left him a $20 bill to make up for my ridiculous cooling system reliance.

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