I turned it around

Many years ago when I was a teenager I was 1 of the most lazy people that you could ever end up meeting.

plus before you ask, no I’m not being all that hard on myself, I legitimately was that lazy for some reason, but fortunately for myself and others I was 1 of the fortunate people who grew up in a legitimately upper-class plus privileged household, so having to stress out about getting a part time job over the summertime in order to pay for gas plus food was never something I had thought about, and then reality hit myself and others when I left our parents modern home and was making my way to school, then during these moments in my life I l ended up learning that not everything is given to you, plus in order to do something that you legitimately want to do you have to job taxing for it, however i was fortunate enough to meet a couple of different people while I was in school who were able to introduce myself and others to the option of actually working in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry, my best buddy Jason had them actually working as an Heating & Air Conditioning repair tank for a few years before he even got to school, today plus she was nice enough to take myself and others under his wing and show me the swing of things.

Now that I am five years out of school I am actually working full-time as a certified Heating & Air Conditioning repair Tech plus I couldn’t be happier with our job. I get paid decent money. I am happy with myself, I get to work with our friends every single day, plus I have been fortunate with some pretty great buyers who treat me and others more prefer a family member than someone they just hired. I do not guess that I could get much better than this!


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