Inside or outside? Choose now.

When I was growing up, parents weren’t so concerned with their kids’ quality of life.

I’m not saying that people didn’t care about their children, but their attention was definitely not so devoted to raising miniature maestros and influencers.

I remember a lot of days entertaining myself. I was never signed up for a bunch of classes, camps, or lessons like children seem to be today. In fact, my mom simply wanted us to get out of the house and leave her alone most of the time. She was also very strict about our indoor energy usage, so we were very limited in our household activities. I can distinctly recall that even during the most hot and humid days of summer or the most brutally cold days of winter, she still wanted us to be outside in the natural air. She hated using the central heating and cooling system because it cost so much when the electrical bill showed up in the mail. Because air temperature control was such a big deal to her, she also despised it when we went in and out of the house throughout the day. She insisted that it released all of the high quality indoor air every time we opened the front door. Most mornings, she set us down and told us we had one of two choices. We could be inside and read quietly in the comfort of the heating and cooling system. Or we could be outside and enjoy the natural wonders of our backyard. Whichever plan we chose for our day, we were going to stick with it. In this way, she controlled her indoor air quality and reduced her energy bills each month. She also raised a family of sun burnt kids who eventually became HVAC-obsessed adults.