Love my steamer; so does mildew

For the past several months I have been doing a really good job of taking care of myself mentally and physically.

My physical health became a priority in the viral outbreak because I didn’t want to reduce my immune system function and increase my chances of falling ill.

I started a daily exercise regime and completely changed my diet to support a very healthy biological system. One of the things that I modified immediately was my dinner routine. Rather than eating heavy meals, I purchased myself a small steaming machine and began enjoying fish and vegetables every night. I really enjoy my tiny food humidifier because it efficiently steams all of my nutritious delights in no time at all. As soon as I plug in the tiny appliance and turn it on, burning hot and humid air immediately flows into the multiple chamber system. You can see how humid the air is because it creates a great amount of condensation inside of the tiny air quality control machine. The only problem with my tiny food steamer is the amount of humidity that it adds to my indoor air, in general. After several months of using my steamer, I realized that it was having a negative effect on my air quality in the kitchen. This extra humidity was not only causing my air conditioning system to operate more often, but it was introducing moisture to my indoor air that was degrading my quality of life. Directly over the area where I operate my food steamer, I noticed that I was growing a new kind of vegetable… a massive patch of mold and mildew.

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