Thermostat is on the fritz, I need a place to stay

I hate when I run into unexpected obstacles. I always have a busy schedule because I have such a demanding job and so many goals. This makes it difficult for me to take time out for unexpected tasks that suddenly present themselves. I was especially angry the other week when my central heating and cooling system abruptly stopped operating on me. Well, I should say that the indoor air handling devices were still working, however they were not responsive to the thermostat in a predictable manner. I was working at home with a very busy schedule, as usual, when I noticed that the indoor air temperature seemed to be fluctuating quite a bit in my office. I held my hand up to the air vent and it seemed like burning hot air was flowing from the vent. As I walked around the house, every air vent was pumping out high quality indoor heated air. This was not what I was expecting considering it was the middle of July. By the time I arrived at the thermostat and turned down the air temperature control unit, I noticed that my air was already coming out cold. Now, it was obvious that the air conditioning unit was operating. The rest of the day became a continual journey back and forth between the thermostat trying to regulate my indoor air temperature as it fluctuated wildly. I finally called my HVAC technician who dryly told me that my thermostat was on the fritz. I’ve ordered a new thermostat, but it’s going to be a few days before I have actual indoor air quality control. Looks like I’ll need to find a new place to work if I want to get anything done.
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