Visiting mom means saving money

For the past several weeks I’ve been peacefully visiting my mom back in my hometown.

I say that it’s been peaceful, because that is rather unusual.

Normally, we don’t get along so well for such a long period of time. If I’m being honest with you, my mom usually drives me a bit crazy. However, I’ve been on my best behavior and enjoying my interactions with my mom this time around. Part of my chill attitude is due to the fact that I’m saving money by being here. Being out of the house right now means that my central heating and cooling system is getting a well-deserved break from daily operation. Normally, at this time of year you are a slave to the central cooling system in your house. The outdoor air becomes extremely hot for several months out of the year and the humidity is so overwhelming that you can barely breathe. It’s absolutely necessary to run to your indoor cooling system at a high power in order to compensate for the uncomfortable outdoor climate. Staying at my mom’s house for a few weeks means that my indoor air temperature control system gets a break for once. My AC unit can be fully powered down, my thermostat is set to the most conservative eco settings, and my energy bill is going to be almost non-existent this month. It can be challenging staying with my mom for such a long period of time, but it’s worthwhile for all of the money I’m going to save from my normal Heating and Cooling bill.

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