You might want to bring your AC window units, anyways

I’m very excited for the coming months.

  • My good friend who lives back in my hometown is going to move to my new city where I reside.

This will be my first friend or family member who relocates to be near me. I’m very excited to actually be able to visit with my friends without driving a thousand miles home. He’s still adjusting to the idea of living down here, and I keep trying to give him pointers about the immense differences between the areas. Namely, that the outdoor climate is hot and humid everyday. It is always going to feel like you’re living in a jungle in this part of the country because the heat and humidity is so overwhelmingly oppressive. I told him he should make sure that his new place is equipped with extremely powerful central cooling equipment. You don’t want to rent a home or apartment and then find out that the air conditioning unit is ineffective. Then, you’re trapped with enormously high energy bills and inferior quality of life due to your low quality indoor air. With all of this in mind, he signed up for a lease with a brand new apartment building that has modern, state-of-the-art air conditioning systems installed. It sounds like he found a really great solution to this ongoing cooling conundrum. When he told me he was excited to sell his AC window units before he moved, however, I told him he still might want to hang on to them. With all of this heat and humidity, you really don’t want to underestimate the necessity for high powered indoor air conditioning.

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