Added ductless HVAC to my shed

My outdoor shed is going to be an amazing work out space.

It is tall and wide enough to do just about anything I want in there.

I have hooks to hang my jump rope, free weights and water bottles. I also made it climate controlled. It was a very big project to have both heating and cooling in there. First, the shed wasn’t properly insulated. I had to rip down an existing wall, add insulation and then re drywall. The other wall was a peg board and that added another step to it. Second, I had to find the right HVAC unit for my shed. I could have just gotten a window unit that performs both heating and cooling. The shed was big enough that I worried it wouldn’t have the power. I also noticed my shed windows were very small and not easy to open. I started looking online and realized the answer to everything was a ductless mini split. The last step was finding the right HVAC corporation to install the unit and not totally rip me off. A mini split heating and air system is quite expensive, I didn’t want a hefty installation bill on top of it. I had to call around price checking and finding a HVAC worker that would come and do it when I wanted them to. I found a local guy that was willing to take a pay cut for cash. Once the ductless HVAC was installed it was a total game changer. Working out in my shed is amazing when there is quality HVAC.


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