Almost didn’t get the house over HVAC

Buying a home is one of the most stressful things I have ever done in my life.

  • I think it was especially difficult because my boyfriend is a penny pincher.

He always wants to cut a deal and save wherever he can. We looked at all sorts of options before landing on the one house. The sellers were asking way too much for the home and wouldn’t haggle. After going back and forth for months we agreed on the price and an as is contract. My boyfriend then got the home inspection back that showed the HVAC unit was 17 years old. Not only that, the home inspector said the air conditioner doesn’t keep the house cold. He immediately wanted to back out of the deal. Buying a new HVAC system was out of the question. The sellers assured us the HVAC was in great condition and the AC never failed them. It again resulted in a lot of back and forth. I finally convinced my boyfriend that an extra 8 grand when we need HVAC shouldn’t be a deal breaker. We now have the house and I have to say, the HVAC is totally fine. Yes, it is super old and will go any day now. But, the air conditioning has worked just fine for me. The house is as cold as I set the thermostat and shows no signs of stopping. I had a bunch of money saved for when the machine quits. The little unit is going so strong that I think I might make other updates to the house instead.


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