Fixer upper home AC is going any day now

I bought a house that I want to fix up and flip.

I thought it wouldn’t be too much work. I planned to add a fresh coat of paint, update the bathrooms and make the outside of the house look like new. As I have gotten deeper into the project I have realized it is more time, money and work than I originally thought. It is amazing how much can be wrong with a house. Updating the bathrooms was a nightmare because all the plumbing was old and had to be taken out. Painting the walls made the kitchen fixtures all look terrible, I had to replace them with new. The worst is that I figured out the HVAC system isn’t going to last. The home inspector told me it was 15 years old and would quit any day now. So far it hasn’t refused to turn on, it just isn’t all that powerful. It is the middle of summer and I am working in 95 degree days. I am tearing out kitchen cupboards, removing plumbing and constantly moving with inferior air conditioning. It kind of feels like a small stream of cooling blows on me every now and then. I also have noticed that some rooms just don’t get AC at all. The living room is downright hot and the master bedroom is like a meat locker. Something must be wrong with the ductwork system. I know I will need to change out the HVAC system before I attempt to sell it. That will be a hefty price tag for sure.

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