It is way hotter by my ceiling

I love working on my house and getting it to look brand new. I have a bunch of skylights in my living room that are just beautiful. Recently I decided that I wanted to clean the glass and repaint the inside of them white to make them pop. I figured doing this in the winter would be better. I wouldn’t get the sun blaring on me and sweating to death on my ladder. Turns out it was still a hot job. There is still sunshine in the wintertime, making it difficult to see what I was painting. Also, once I got up on the ladder I realized it was super hot up there. Down at the floor level, my living room was almost cold. On top of the ladder felt like a sauna. After doing some research I realized that all the heat my furnace produced was rising towards my ceiling. I was losing tons of energy because of how inefficient my furnace is. I keep thinking about all that wasted heat. Everytime I make my thermostat go to a higher setting I am irritated. There must be a way to be more energy efficient with a furnace. How do I keep the heated air at my flooring level? Most people boast about hydronic heating that uses hot water through pipes in the floor. Boiler systems are also in the basement so when their heat rises, it only goes to the first floor. With a furnace it kind of sounds like I am out of luck. I am just doomed to waste heat.
Heat pump repair