Not sure if I want to get heated flooring or not

I am in the process of ripping up my entire floor.

I have all the carpets removed and only the plywood is left.

I want to add cement board and new tile on top. Recently my brother asked me if I considered adding heated flooring to my home. I already have most of the installation done. All I would need to do is purchase electric heated mats on top of my cement board and then the tile covers it. Doing this I would have electric heating throughout the entire house. I wouldn’t need a giant central heater blowing dusty air all over the place. The heat wouldn’t rise to my ceiling and create cold spots in the house. The radiant flooring system is also totally silent and warms all stationary objects like the couch and chairs. I have looked into the cost of radiant flooring and it is not too bad. Since I want to do my entire house though, I am looking at about 8 grand, which is around what my tile floors are going to be. So can I really justify spending double the money to get heated flooring? I do live in the south too. Heating is only necessary maybe two months out of the year. For those two months having this amazing heating system would be totally great. When my HVAC unit dies too, I would only need to get a central air conditioner. It is a lot of time to install, money to purchase and once the flooring is on top of the heater, hard to repair if something goes wrong.



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