A good rug cleaning

It used to cost a lot to have your rugs professionally washed by a reputable corporation.

It’s one of the reasons why stores & Supermarkets started to rent small steam cleaners to homeowners.

When I had our first site, I had a get together with some friends. Someone dropped a dish of pizza sauce all over the white carpet & the stain would not come out of the floor. I tried more than 2 different floor cleaners and carpet stain removers, but nothing did the trick. I finally decided to rent a steam cleaner from a food market. I paid forty a day & I rented the steam cleaner for a weekend. I was happily surprised with the results. I took our time to make certain that I removed all of the gunk from the carpet. Most of the stain came out, but there was still a lot of water left in the carpet after I was finished with the washing process. It took more than 2 afternoons for the carpet to dry & the whole home stinks care about mold. Even though the stain was gone, the carpets never smelled great again. I dedicated not to rent another carpet cleaner after that bad time. When I wanted to wash the carpets in our home, I called a professional & well known carpet cleaning service with a truck-mounted engine. They use a special vacuum component that extracts the water from the rugs. Instead of taking more than 2 afternoons to dry them, all of the rugs inside our condo were dry in less than 24 hours.


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