Going to the gym to ensure I am not sore

I bought a house in the country about an hour away.

On the weekends I drive down to the house and fix it up.

I usually pull eight hour days where I spend the majority kneeling, squatting or up on a ladder. For days I would be super sore afterwards. During the week I had trouble moving around and not having my muscles tense up. I recently decided to do something proactive about it. Right now my apartment is in the city where there are a lot of gyms to choose from. I decided to do personal training at the core progression near me during the week. On the weekend I wouldn’t work out, but instead work on the house. I have noticed quite a difference in my soreness levels now that I work out. I also have noticed that I have more stamina, balance and I don’t feel so tired all the time. Working out with a fitness expert has been a really great thing for me. The stretching portion of my fitness class might be my favorite though. I have been improving my flexibility and making it so I don’t injure my muscles on the weekend. I am able to go longer, harder and work more efficiently at my house in the country. The only downside is going to be when I actually move. I have gotten used to working out 5 days a week at a climate controlled facility. I already checked and my small town doesn’t have that kind of personal training center. They have a really low quality gym and that is it.

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