Hoping to get more into biking

I will be spending more money for that convenience though

When I moved down south the first thing I did was buy a bike. Since the weather is beautiful basically year around I figured it would be optimal for bike riding. I splurged for a good bike with a basket, water bottle holder and phone holder to it. I can have hands free music, easy access to water and can carry anything I want. I quickly realized living in the city is not conducive to bike riding. I am not a confident rider. I don’t like taking sharp turns, stopping and starting or navigating traffic. Typically if I ride, I only bike around a very small loop in my neighborhood. It is not all that fun to ride. I am in the process of buying a house that is in the country. I am debating on purchasing a house that is right near a bike trail. The bike trail stems for miles and miles. It is paved, maintained and motor vehicles are banned from it. The workout I could get riding on my bike would be amazing. I noticed two miles into the trail there is a soccer field with a water fountain, bathroom and plenty of grass to do stuff on. I really want to buy the house right by the bike trail. I will be spending more money for that convenience though. I think it might be worth it. Being able to hop on the trail whenever I want will seriously be a game changer. Overtime I bet I will save gas since I won’t drive as much.


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