I like having a smaller group at my fitness class

Before COVID-19 I had a group fitness class at the core progression near me.

The class was around 12 people with one fitness expert.

We rotated between doing whole group activities, partner work or one on work while the personal trainer walked around. I did weightlifting, cardio and yoga activities during the class usually. For months the class was cancelled due to COVID. Now things are slowly starting to open up. Recently my fitness expert announced he was going to do the class but it had to be under 10 people. Only six of us are doing the class now and I love it. You would think 50% less students would mean it is boring, awkward or more difficult. Instead I am enjoying more one-on-one attention. The personal trainer seems to enjoy it too. He can gear the class towards what we all want. It is much easier for 6 people to agree on an activity vs 12 people. Most of us want to do partner work and weightlifting. The fitness trainer has us using weighted poles, balls and battle ropes constantly. Recently the six of us and the personal trainer did a rock wall climbing lesson. It was so much fun and way nicer with not as many people going up. I kind of hope the class forever stays this small. I would be willing to pay more for semi-private fitness instruction. Our small group of people are really bonding together as well. We have designated partners and know each other’s fitness goals and everything.

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