I take stretching a little far

I will admit that I am a bit nuts about stretching.

For my workouts I do a tumbling based one.

It makes sense that I need to stretch my straddles, splints and arch in order to actually tumble to the best of my ability. However, even when I do a non tumbling work out, I stretch. Going for a run means I pay attention to my legs, hips and neck muscles. When I swim in the pool I get a loose arm and back stretch in. If I don’t stretch before a physical activity, I usually end up sore. My runs used to give me neck and shoulder pain, and now due to stretching, I feel good. After the work outs I am not as tired or in pain either. I have taken stretching one step further though. Anytime I do any physical labor on my house like taking out cabinets, moving furniture or tiling a floor, I will stretch before the job too. I also make sure to warm up and stretch my body before long car and plane rides. In the airport people look at me like I am an insane woman. Being in a cramped seated position for three hours has my muscles tense and hurting. A simple stretch of the legs, arms, hips and neck keep me feeling good. It also feels good to see my straddles open wider, splits get further down and have a tighter bridge position. I feel there is no harm in stretching too much. The harm comes from not stretching enough in my opinion.


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