No need to own a car

A lot of people find it shocking that I don’t own a car.

In the south there is no reason too.

There is no snow and the cold weather isn’t that bad. The only thing that gets me from time to time is the heavy rain. If I need to go somewhere I either walk, run or bike, that simple. Short distances I listen to music and go for a walk. When I need to grab something small at the grocery store, I incorporate it into my work out. I go for a run to the store with my backpack. I then pick up the essential items and run back home. I clock in a few miles of running and it is like I am lifting weights since I am carrying stuff. Anything that is over 3 miles away I hop on my bike. I love bike riding, it hardly feels like a work out. I have gotten quite good at navigating heavy traffic, dirt roads and going through construction. I have a helmet, bike lock and lights all to ensure that I am being safe too. I still workout throughout the week though. I look at my walking, running and biking as transportation, not fitness. Sometimes I bike to my group fitness class at the local health and wellness center. Sometimes I stay at home and do yoga or a weight lifting work out. Because of all the physical activity I do, I feel great and I look great. I also save so much money on gas, insurance and car repairs. I am not damaging the environment either.