Not that hard getting rid of the stain

Red food coloring is the worst kind of stain to remove from carpet… Kool-Aid seems to contain a lot of red dyes.

The smallest drip often wrecks an entire room of carpet.

Thankfully, these stains can be taken away by a professional carpet cleaning corporation. I never let our kids in the kitchen with juice. The only thing they can take to the kitchen is water, and one of our kids broke the rules plus dropped a whole glass of red Kool-Aid all over the sofa & the kitchen rug. I got rid of the sofa & I bought another piece of furniture to locale over the stain on the carpet. Eventually forgot about the red stain until recently. My girlfriend & I hired a business to wipe the grout & cement in our family room & kitchen. This amazing business also has carpet cleaning services, & when the serviceman gave me a business card, one of the services was stain removal. I decided to ask about the red stain & I found out they could do it! He tried a small section to see if the Kool-Aid would come out of the carpet fibers & it worked so wonderful. I only paid fifty bucks to have the giant stain removed & it only took the cleaning serviceman 15 or 20 minutes to remove the red from my rug. I could not believe the transformation & I would have paid to have the stain removed a long time ago if I had known it would be so easy to do.

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