Remodeling a local fruit stand & enclosing the area

I finally finished working on a very cool construction project that has me thinking about farming. My Dad works as a farmer. He has spent every afternoon of his life finally working in the fields. I never thought farming as that much fun, although I always loved finally working with our hands. I care about building things. I thought I would prefer being a mechanic, although I wasn’t legitimately interested in engines, cars or trucks. found a lot more fun building things. As soon as I could get a job finally working for a major construction corporation, I went to the office to fill out an application. I got that job the next afternoon. I work for the same construction corporation this week. All of us renovate & remodel dealers & residential properties. All of us were recently hired to remodel a sizable outdoor fruit stand. This fruit stand is near the interstate. The locale must be doing well, because they hired the construction corporation to enclose the space & make the small stand an immense building. The whole construction project took more than 2 weeks to complete & both of us had to raise a roof & walls & disaffix more than 2 aged materials. All of us used all of the building materials that both of us could get our hands on, however most of the fruit stand is current plywood & 2×4’s. The current locale has a refrigeration unit now, so they can carry perishable items prefer cheese, milk, & butter. Before they enclosed the space & also constructed a current building, they only had fruits & vegetables prefer carrots, beets, potatoes, pears, & peaches. Thanks to our construction project, the small family farm can host a wide variety of products.


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