What you can do for grout

My home was built in the early eighties & it’s easy to see the age of the home when you look at the cement & grout.

The cement & grout in both powder rooms are as old as the house. The cement used to be shiny and white, but now it looks almost a dingy grey or brown color. Even the grout is icky from too much use over time. I was starting to feel there was no way to make the locale shine again. Then a co-worker suggested a cleaning service. The cleaning service specializes in grout & cement restoration & cleaning. The cleaning service even guarantees results. My worker told me to give them a call, then she said they cleaned the cement & grout in her house. The results were great & even unbelievable. She said the whole condo looked brand-new once more. I decided to call the grout & cement cleaning service over the weekend. I got an appointment for next week. I am not certain they will be able to make the cement & grout look new again, but I am willing to provide them a chance. If it does not look any fresher, I do not have to pay for the service so there is nothing to lose. The locale also washes carpets. If they do make the cement look neat, I am particularly going to hire them to wipe all of the carpets downstairs. They haven’t been professionally steam cleaned in over a few years. I’ve been contemplating purchasing new carpets or even hardwood, but maybe the cleaning service can restore the old fibers.