Body wellness class for after a car accident

I have been taking a body wellness class at the core progression near me. I recently got into a car accident and I have been having neck pain ever since. My doctor wants me to take pain pills. My chiropractor says I am too locked up. Massages, stretching and eating anti-inflammatory foods don’t really help. My last ditch effort is this fitness class. So far I have noticed some good from it. The fitness expert has us stretch right in the beginning of class. His stretches are way better than anything I tried at home. He also warms us up fully before we do anything physical. The exercises the fitness expert has me doing don’t hurt my neck. I don’t do anything that strains that area. I do push ups, planks, squats and crunches in an upright position. Not only am I getting in better shape, I feel more motivated during the day and sleep better at night. I have also noticed I can turn my head side to side a little better. The fitness expert says I should be back to normal after another month of class. I am willing to try anything at this point. The fitness class is good for me regardless if it heals my injury. I also feel way better about how I look too. I kind of thought I would never be able to work out with this severe of an injury. Anybody who suffers from injury and lack of mobility should consider a health and wellness course at the local core progression.

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