Fixer upper house is good for his shape

My boyfriend and I recently bought a house that is a fixer upper.

When the house was purchased we had four months until our apartment lease ended.

Four months to paint every room, put down new flooring and clean the place top to bottom. Well there is one month left and it is crunch time. At first I thought my boyfriend was really going to struggle with working on the house. He sits for his job and all of his hobbies. He hasn’t worked out in over ten years. I never would say he was fat or very out of shape. He was just a little bit soft and not all that motivated. Now that we go to the house two to three times a week to work on it, I have noticed a difference in his body. Instead of sitting all day, he is squatting to do the tile. He is going up and down ladders to paint ceilings. He also is lifting heavy objects out of the house and bringing heavy tile inside of the house. All the stretching, bending and lifting has really shown. I feel like he has lost maybe 8 pounds in only a few months. I have also noticed he sleeps better at night, has more energy during the day and seems to be in a better mood. I think being physical has released some endorphins in him and he is feeling good. I am a tad worried about when we move into our house. Will he stop being physical and gain the weight back? I am really enjoying him looking good right now.

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