I bought my daughter a new space heater.

I was visiting my daughter for a few weeks out of town in an area colder than what I am used to.

  • I’m from a tropical area and she lives eight hours north of me.

She just bought a new house and had a new baby and I thought this would be a good time for a visit. They had a spare bedroom they put me in. It was wintertime and they had this adorable space heater that heated the living area, and space heaters for the bedrooms. Well, it turns out that my daughter has prepaid electricity and gets a daily text regarding their electric usage. I overheard them have a conversation about the high electric usage since I had been there, and I knew it had to have something to do with the space heater in the spare room I was in. It was a metal space heater with heating coils and a grate, and must have been an antique. It had no safety features and was obviously not energy efficient. So, I decided to buy them a new, energy efficient space heater for the spare bedroom. Space heaters are not really energy efficient. But I chose one with a thermostat on it, hoping it will help. It didn’t cost much, but I bet it saved my daughter a ton of money. She will have more children and eventually use the spare bedroom and I am glad they now have a new, energy efficient space heater with the safety features my grandchildren need and deserve. It was a really good investment and I hope a helpful gift.

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