I forgot to check the calendar

This week my wife and I have been running around all over the place. While it seems like there is always something to do, this time it felt like we were extra busy than usual. My wife and I share the household responsibilities and one of my tasks is to make sure our heating and air conditioning systems are up and well maintained. I normally do this by checking our calendar, our calendar is the source of everything that we have planned for that week. If we make a plan, we write it down. Well, unfortunately I had completely forgotten all about that this week was when we were having our scheduled HVAC tune-ups and maintenance performed. My wife and I have always been a bit more picky about of heating and air than some other people, we like to ensure that there is absolutely zero issues with the heater or the air conditioner and we ensure this by having a HVAC professional come out every six months to do any necessary work and keep our system well updated. This was a particularly important heating and a/c appointment, as we were having the fireplace and the central heater checked. Everything that produces heat to keep us warm would need to be checked thoroughly to ensure everything was in good working condition. We don’t plan on freezing this winter. Luckily everything had gone to plan and when the HVAC technician arrived he gave us the good news, both the heater and cooling system were in excellent condition and would last for seasons to come.
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