I hate this time of year

I wish it would just stay hot outside

I have to say that I really hate this time of year. I know that most people can’t wait for the fall leaves and scarecrows to show up everywhere. Even more so than that, everyone seems to want to drink pumpkin spice coffee more than anything else at this time of the year. For me, though, I just hate and detest that pumpkin flavor! I also hate the fall whenever the weather starts cooling off because I am a summer lover. I love high temperatures and sunshine and I’m never happier than when the weather starts heating up for the first time in the spring. I really don’t mind having to run my air conditioning system, either. When the weather is hot outside, I just crank up the air conditioning in my house and sit there and enjoy it when I’m home. Since I have a high efficiency air conditioning system, I don’t end up having to pay a lot for my A/C in the summer. Honestly, if it were up to me, then it would be summertime all year long. I hate it when the weather starts cooling off because that always means that fall is just around the corner. Not only that, but the dreaded pumpkin spice will soon be back to haunt me in stores everywhere. I wish it would just stay hot outside. I would gladly trade in my heating system for year round air conditioning bills if I could only have that option! I guess it’s not an option, but being hot is way better than being cold.

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