I needed more tonnage.

Ever since we have lived in our home, I have had difficulties with my air conditioning unit.

The humidity was always so high that even if it was seventy in the house; we were sweaty and uncomfortable.

It didn’t matter how low we set the thermostat; we had no comfort. The inspector told us the air conditioning unit was only a year old, so it should still run well. We shouldn’t have any problems with getting it cool in the house. I talked to my HVAC company, and I was telling them about the humidity. He asked me how low the thermostat was and I told him we set it at seventy, but it was still uncomfortably warm and humid. He paused for a moment, and then he told me the tonnage may not be heavy enough for a family of six and two pets. I didn’t understand why he was talking about the weight of the air conditioning. I asked why the weight of the AC unit was so important. He explained that the tonnage had to do with how efficient it would work. The tonnage and SEER, which is the energy rating system, are both important. If the tonnage is too low, you can’t get enough energy to control the humidity and temperature. If the SEER is too low, it means that it won’t be efficient and the energy bill will go up while our comfort declines. I made an appointment to have the AC unit inspected again. We had to make a choice to install a new air conditioning unit, or to install a system that would work in tandem with the present AC unit.
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