I used to spend a lot of money on air fresheners

I have two teenage boys and to put it mildly, these guys really stink.

I love them, but they stink! If you have ever had to live with or spend very much time around teenage boys, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

There are definitely a lot of different unpleasant body odors that come from them on a regular basis. And that’s putting it very mildly! Anyway, I love my sons more than anything, but sometimes the smell is just too much. I have spent a small fortune on air freshening products over the years, but none of them have really worked all that great, to be honest. They just cover the odors up, but they don’t get rid of them. That’s why I finally gave up and talked to our HVAC technician to see if they had any ideas about the terrible odors in our house. The HVAC technician told me that first of all, they would install HEPA air filters in the HVAC system. HEPA filters are well known to be able to get rid or many more particles from your air than other types of air filters. He told us that if upgrading the air filters didn’t do the trick, then they would suggest that we try installing a whole home air purification system. When he mentioned that, my ears really perked up. Something like a whole home air purification system is exactly what we need, I think. That’s because these of mine stink up the entire house with all of their dirty clothes and sweaty socks!

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