It is important to stretch

The first time I stretched I was 24 years old.

I decided I did not like the shape my body was in and I was going to workout.

Rather than try workout videos online or come up with my own things, I found a gym that offers group physical training classes. The certified fitness expert leading the class is great. The woman knows her stuff. She can motivate the whole class, educate us and do a unique work out every single time. I learned right from day one the importance of stretching. It is important to stretch as you get older. You naturally lose flexibility, balance and coordination as you age. Stretching is working to prevent that from happening. Do you have a job that tightens up your muscles? People who sit at computer screens often experience back and neck pain. Those with manual labor jobs tend to overwork their shoulders and arms. Even teachers who stand all day long experience foot issues. With proper stretching, injury and day to day soreness decreases. I know this for a fact because I noticed it in myself. I no longer wake up stiff and sore. I stretch before I begin my workout and I experience no pain. I also stretch before a workout to loosen up the muscles and to make it a more productive time. I have to say, I love seeing how much further I go widen a straddle and farther down I can go in a split. It is nice to have a goal to work towards at my older age.


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