Last winter something crazy happened

Last winter, we had some crazy freezing cold temperatures. However, we didn’t have a single problem with our heating system during the long, cold winter. It turns out that the long cold winter ended up tearing up our air conditioning instead of our heating system, if you can believe that! I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but when you hear how it happened, it will make morse sense. See, our outdoor condenser unit for the air conditioning system is outside our garage, right under one of the eaves. Whenever the temperature outside gets really cold and we have some snow or ice, we end up with these really big icicles that come off the roof. A couple of years ago, there was an icicle that was so big it actually reached all the way to the ground before the winter was over. Anyway, last winter, we had a lot of cold weather and apparently, a big icicle formed right over the top of the A/C condenser unit and when it broke off, it fell right into the condenser’s fan. When it did, I guess it was so heavy that it bent the fan’s propeller blades all to pieces. We didn’t even realize that this had even happened until the later part of the spring when we finally went to turn on the air conditioning system. The A/C wouldn’t turn on and it took us a while to finally figure out why. We checked the thermostat and the central air conditioning unit in the basement, but they were fine. Then when we checked the unit outside, we realized what had happened with the icicle over the winter.



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