My wife broke our HVAC unit

I cannot believe that my wife broke our HVAC unit. I liked our HVAC unit, and there is no way that I am going to be able to afford a new HVAC unit. Thankfully, my wife only broke the central air conditioner. We would have been in a lot of trouble if my wife would have broken the furnace. We need the furnace to survive during the winter, but we don’t need the central air conditioner to survive. The central air conditioner is a nice thing to have during the summer, but that does not mean that the central air conditioner is absolutely necessary. I should have known that my wife was going to break something while she was backing up. Although my wife claims to be the better driver, I know that she isn’t very good at going in reverse. Usually, I back everything up. However, when I tried to back the truck up near the porch, she claimed that she wanted to. I was hesitant, but she was determined. If I would have known that she was going to hit the central air conditioner, I would have shut down her attempt immediately. Sadly, I had no idea that she was going to break the central air conditioner. She was back up as slowly as possible, and she was doing good. However, she got close to the central air conditioner, so she was trying to pull forward again. However, she forgot to take the car out of reverse and smashed into the central air conditioner. I knew that the central air conditioner wouldn’t turn on after that, but I decided to try anyway. I was correct in my assumption. That central air conditioner is a goner. At least she didn’t back up into the house.