Teaching the class virtually isn’t as good

I really don’t like it though.

Due to COVID, I am not able to teach my group fitness classes at the core progression gym anymore. There are too many health and sanitation rules for our gym to follow. I also would need to cut down my class sizes to maintain proper social distancing. In order to make a decent wage and keep everyone happy, I need to teach the classes at home. Teaching a group fitness class virtually is just not fun. For one, my internet constantly is going out. My class frequently loses me or the screen freezes. Number two, I don’t have all the gear that the gym has. Also, my students don’t have the gear at home. I basically need to do an hour fitness class with nothing but a yoga mat. Not using free weights, kettlebells, jump ropes or even a partner is really rough. Lastly, my family is in the home while I am teaching a class. My kids will frequently barge into the room to ask what is for lunch or want to know what I am doing. My husband always yells from the other room when I am teaching a class. Even the family dog doesn’t seem to get the memo to leave me alone. Thankfully my students find it hilarious when my family interrupts the class. I really don’t like it though. My job is to help these people lose weight and feel good about themselves. I am not as good at my job right now. I am also not in the proper mood to motivate them. I really hope this virus gets sorted out quickly.



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