The furnace just wasn’t enough

Normally, the furnace could get us through anything but there was something about this winter that seemed to make everything extra cold.

The snow outside was heavier and deeper than I had ever seen, and everybody was trapped inside as an icy blizzard raged it’s way through our town.

We did the best we could to stay warm inside but despite our piles of blankets and our oil furnace the cold still knew how to find a way in. It crept in all places and eventually it became too much for us to handle and we were forced to leave our house or freeze. Our house is an older home that lacks proper insulation inside of the walls, not to mention the heating system and the HVAC unit as a whole is pretty old. We took an unplanned trip to a nice hotel that wasn’t too far from our house in order to stay warm while we waited for the blizzard to pass. Thankfully the hotel had modern heating and cooling and we didn’t have to worry about the heat from a furnace or a fireplace but could instead enjoy the wonderful central heating system. The blizzard was one the longest I had ever seen, it lasted a couple of days and we stayed nearly a week at the hotel before it was safe for us to return home. When we returned we started making the plans to upgrade our HVAC system, it was important for us to make sure we have all of the heating and cooling we would need for the rest of the season and next year.

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