We can’t do each others classes

My buddy is really into yoga and for years has tried to get me to join her fitness class.

I don’t like yoga at all. I don’t hardly sweat or feel like I am getting any work done on my muscles. I mainly feel yoga is a relaxation tool that people use. My buddy acts like she is getting a good workout and that is all she does fitness wise. She is one of those tall, naturally thin girls that eats like a bird. If I only did yoga I would be a whale. I have to frequently change up how I work out or my body gets used to it. I sometimes work really hard at cardio. I will either jump rope, swim or ride my bike. Somedays I hit weight lifting with free weights, kayaking or I do a weighted jump rope to hit my arms. If I do go to the core progression gym, I don’t do a yoga class. There are hardcore classes like physical training, spin class and kickboxing offered. I basically want the sweat to pour off me and look like I peed myself. I want to have trouble shampooing my hair so my arms hurt so bad. Not everyone is a psycho like me. My buddy likes the social element and relaxation she gets from her yoga class. I like when I sweat out the toxins, hit muscles that haven’t been used in awhile and I sleep really well at night. Every now and then we try the other one’s class and it always goes bad. Not everyone works out the same.

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