What should I do about my central air conditioner?

What do you think that I should do about my central air conditioner.

I honestly think that I am going to have to replace my central air conditioner, but I am stuck on a decision right now. I have known that this central air conditioner was old. I have had this central air conditioner since I bought this house, and this central air conditioner is actually older than I am. Sure, I have replaced a few things on the central air conditioner, but there haven’t been any major problems with the central air conditioner. The HVAC technician that I have hired to help inspect my central air conditioner has actually been surprised that the central air conditioner has lasted so long, and he doesn’t understand what the difference is. The central air conditioner should have been breaking down by now, but the furnace is running strong. However, during the last inspection that the HVAC technician performed on my central air conditioner, I finally got the news that I had been dreading. Finally, my central air conditioner had a major problem. I was expecting the HVAC technician to tell me that I needed to replace the central air conditioner, but instead, the HVAC technician offered me a choice. He said that I could fix or replace the central air conditioner. Right now, there was a major repair that needed to be done, and I could fix it. However, since the central air conditioner is so old, he thought that it might be worth replacing. Honestly, he said that it was a toss-up. Now, I have to decide what I should do about my central air conditioner. That is a lot of money to have to make a decision about. I wish that the HVAC technician would just tell me what to do.


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