Working out during the winter stinks

For home gyms the best I have is a carport that is covered.

It is just long enough to hold two folding mats and the cover is tall enough for me to jump.

During the spring and fall it is really pleasant to exercise outside. I get a slight breeze and the perfect temperature to do my cardio, weight lifting and stretching. In the summer I need to get up early and beat the heat. When the 90 degree temperatures come in, it is hard to stay motivated. No AC means I just sweat to death the whole time too. There are certain exercises I don’t feel comfortable being super sweaty for. I also don’t like laying down on my mats crunching and possibly creating new pimples. I will say that the winter weather is the worst. In the south we don’t get snow, but it does get cold. If I am very ambitious I can wear long pants and long sleeves to work out. I will be moderately comfortable but not totally happy. Working out super cold isn’t recommended though. I find it harder to stretch, get properly warmed up and stick it out for the hour work out. I typically want to just hurry up through everything to get inside. I also worry about injuring myself the whole time. I really need to invest in a facility that has temperature control. I have also thought of finding a health and wellness center to work out in during the winter season. I need somewhere that has heating.


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