Can this ever be?

I had a thought the other day about our current education system. I was thinking about a lot of things between my days in school as a kid and teenager and my own children in school today. I really think it would be great if they began teaching about heating and air conditioning in school. As crazy as that sounds, there is reason. It is because heating and air conditioning systems are becoming a big part of life and every day needs the last decade or so. It seems everyone has a central heating and air conditioning system, and that central heating and air conditioning systems are needed for survival. Especially in the more rougher climates where the heat and the cold are high at certain times of the year. If kids learned more about heating and air conditioning, they can be prepared on what to do later in life when they are on their own. They would know what to look for when a central heating and air conditioning system was going to break down and they would also know what to do in the event of an HVAC emergency and what is available today through many heating and cooling companies in the event of that HVAC emergency. The schools should really think about this! Or maybe I am just talking out of my head here. But this is how I feel about the whole thing. Back when I was in school we didn’t have central heating and air conditioning as a common thing in people’s homes, so it didn’t matter that much.


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