I love to relax after HVAC work

I like having a job.

I don’t have to take home with me, then I still have a job, don’t get me wrong, I make nice money, but when I clock out I clock OUT you get it? I walk away from work and don’t talk about it or feel about it at all until I clock back in.

I understand through talking with other people that not everyone can just turn their brain off when leaving work. I feel sorry for these people! Who would want to carry the stress house with them? At work, I am all about the heating and cooling work, and I don’t slack off or play on my phone while I’m there, so when I am home I don’t want to even look at the thermostat. I leave my fiance to handle all of the heating and cooling related stuff at the house, just to give me a break from it. If the air filter needs changing, then of course I will do it, however it never does need changing because my fiance handles it for me. She is a superb lady, and deeply appreciative of how hard I work at the HVAC biz and supply a superb life for our family. I hear some of the other HVAC techs complain about how their wives don’t like them playing video games and relaxing, then after I get home from a taxing day of fixing air conditioners, my fiance sits down with our controllers to play some games with me! I’m winning at HVAC, and I’m also winning at marriage.

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