I really missed the air conditioning unit.

For the last two years, my family and I have been living without air conditioning.

It wasn’t some way of punishing ourselves, but it was out of necessity.

When I lost my job, we lost eighty percent of the income coming into our home. We had a mortgage and two kids to take care of. There was no way we could afford to keep all the bills going and still pay the mortgage and keep the kids fed. I made arrangements with many of my creditors, so I could pay smaller amounts, but when the air conditioning unit broke down, I had no alternatives. I couldn’t afford to pay for a new air conditioning unit, and I wasn’t able to make payments to purchase a new AC unit. Instead, I planned on putting a little money back and when I got a job and was able to afford a payment, we were going to buy the AC unit. I didn’t expect it to take a year to get a job, and I never expected the pandemic. This made things even worse. I was working by this time, but now my wife was out of work. We did the best we could to put some money back. It was almost two full years before we could find the money to get new air conditioning. Going without was a huge sacrifice, and now we were finally able to get the air conditioner. I had to admit that I really missed the air conditioning and I was getting excited to get a new AC unit.


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