Kids should learn about heating and cooling in school

I had a rather interesting thought the other day about our new education system.

I was thinking about a good amount of things between my days in school as a kid & teenager & our own children in school nowadays.

I absolutely know it would be great if they began teaching about heating & air conditioner appliances in school. As deranged as that sounds, there is good reason. It is because heating & air conditioners are becoming a sizable area of life & every day needs the last decade or so. It seems as though everyone has a central heating & air conditioner appliance, & that central heating & air conditioners are needed for survival! Especially in the more severe climates where the heat & the frigid temperatures are high at particular times of the year. If the youngsters were able to learn more about heating & air conditioner appliances, they could be prepared on what to do later in life when they are on their own. They would certainly know what to look for when a central heating & air conditioner appliance was going to actually break down & they would also know what to do in the event of a Heating & Air Conditioning emergency & what is available nowadays through various heating & cooling companies in the event of that Heating & Air Conditioning emergency. The schools should absolutely know about this! Or it could be that I am just talking out of my head here. But this is how I feel about this situation. Back when I was in school the bunch of us didn’t have central heating & air conditioner appliances as a respected thing in people’s dwellings, so it didn’t matter entirely much.
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