Locked in by a snowstorm

Both of us had the worst snowy stormfront of all time in my area last week, plus all of us have been pretty much locked in ever since.

  • It was a wonderful thing I had gotten a few weeks of groceries just before all this happened! I literally can not even get out of my driveway.

But the a single other thing I am grateful for is that I have a job from beach condo plus have the best quality central heating in my home! My central heating rips right through this frigid frigid plus snowy weather plus keeps myself and others plus my family nice cozy plus sizzling while I was in this time. The central heating is working so well that you sometimes forget that it is the frigid frigid Wintertide or that you are snowed in from a massive storm. You would undoubtedly believe it is Springtime or Summer with how efficient and powerful my central heating, ventilation and A/C method unit is plus how it handles the overly frigid cold. I am so cheerful I decided to invest in such a high grade central heating, ventilation and A/C methods. I assume my family likes it highly plus I was lucky enough to get the loan from the credit union for what exactly I needed as well. But anyway, I hope this snow will melt soon enough plus all of us can not be locked in anymore. It gets kind of crazy being stuck indoors plus not being able to go out plus get things that I need. But appreciate what I said, at least I have enough food for another month at least and the greatest central furnace!

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